Since our focus is on creating real  value of a company, in our work we have recognized the importance of providing comprehensive solutions. In practice, challenges and problems of companies are never related to only one area of work. Therefore, we use systematic approach in carrying out needs analysis and creating and implementing solutions in the area of production and services.

Our experience in consulting has enabled us to recognize basic differences between successful companies and those which do not sufficiently use their potentials or have constant problems in their work. For that reason, our focus is on building, establishing and improving a system, instead of providing ad hoc solutions. Furthermore, we help you establish, in all areas, the systems which are functional, efficient, effective and adjusted to your environment. In addition, through trainings we build capacities of your employees at all levels, aimed at further improving the system.

Structured organizations and systemic approach are basis for achieving positive results. We establish systems in all areas of business, we build values and culture, define goals, metrics and KPIs.
Human resources
The most important potential of every company is its employees. They create the value and develop the company. We establish systems which ensure the best development of and contribution by the employees, motivation and pleasure.
Leadership is the driver of all actions and initiatives in companies which bring about creativity and change. We build leadership systems and develop leadership competencies of managers, team leaders and supervisors.
Team Development
It is important for the companies to mobilize the entire organization, teams and individuals and make them more proactive. We enable development of individuals and teams, ensure better cooperation within a team and among teams/sectors.
Every business activity occurs through processes. The quality of products and services depends precisely on the quality of processes. We establish efficient and effective processes, oriented towards the customers.
Strategic goals of companies are achieved through projects. Quality project management. We provide systems that ensure systemic approach to management and project success.
Real value that is placed on the market in the form of a product is created in production. This is precisely why we build systems that ensure efficient, high quality production, with modern organization and principles.
Storage, stock, distribution and transport, supply chain and customs clearance are the important elements of logistics and entire business. We establish systems which ensure the right goods at the right time and at the right place.
Successful financial management is an important, often the key element for
functioning and development of companies. We establish reliable systems of planning and analysis, budgeting, monitoring achievement and reporting.
The contact between companies and the market is established through marketing. We provide development of a marketing system that creates, maintains and satisfies the needs of clients; we create a connection between products and services and consumers’ needs.
Consumers communicate all their needs to the sales sector, sales affect the success of business. We build sales management systems which ensure successful understanding and fulfilment of market needs.
Digital Transformation
Modern business is based on the application of information systems and Internet technologies. We bring support for the innovation of the business model, as well as for the introduction of digital support to business.